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Financial Planning, driven by Life-Design, for Business Owners, Journeymen Linemen, Medical & Dental Professionals and their families - nationwide

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Financial Planning to Help You Live the Life You Design

We understand our clients, often busy lives, have personal preferences and unique goals. Our belief is to align investments and technical topics with life-design. Sound financial planning is key. Our ultimate vision is to guide you throughout your life of fulfillment and significance. 

With every decision we make, we are either moving closer to or further away from living our values.

- Michael F. Kay

About Us

We care for those who provide care for others.

Our team works hard to serve clients throughout Northern, Central and Southern California, Utah  and Texas

Brandon Rivera Photo

Brandon Rivera

Founder & Financial Planner

Brandon has been in the financial planning world for as long as he can remember. In the early '90s he recalls joining his step-father at the radio or television studios. At the studio, he would listen to his step-father educate listeners or viewers on the importance of financial planning and living trust topics in order to preserve estates. Prior to working alongside his step-father, Brandon is beyond grateful and thankful his grandfather Ray taught him a disciplined work ethic.

Although inclined with a curiosity for medicine, Brandon decided to pursue financial planning and eventually found a way to help those in the medical and dental professions. Simultaneously, as he completed his college degree, Brandon obtained his professional licensing. As his career progressed, he acquired practice knowledge from industry leading colleagues and went on to complete a rigorous financial planning program at UCLA.  

Brandon's focus is working alongside and guiding his clients as they pursue their life's purpose. Joy is found in seeing his clients thrive throughout their years and overcoming challenges. Brandon envisions his family, friends, colleagues and clients - move from success to significance. 

 Medical & Dental Professionals Sometimes Face Unique Planning Challenges

Nurture Financial Planning was created with a simple premise: Practicing medical & dental professionals need professional financial advice. Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re established in your career, our mission is to help those who help others. We target medical professionals ranging from military, private, and public personnel to doctors at university settings and private practice owners.

Our Creative Financial Planning Approach Focuses on people dedicated to the medical and dental fields

We opened our doors after years of researching pain-points that residents, fellows, medical/dental students and practicing physicians experience. We studied the financial milestones that new physicians run into (paying off loans, starting a family) and reviewed the goals that established physicians focused on (career trajectory, retirement planning).

We developed a philosophy, regardless of how much money at center, financial plans must be life-integrated – a driven approach that’s reflective of your life’s purpose.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

- Eleanor Roosevelt

Our Approach

Helping you embrace your life’s journey and aligning your vision.

Step 1

The first meeting is more of a qualitative meeting where we want to find out what your goals are and to see if you are the right fit for our financial planning approach. We will walk you through a series of questions to help you discover the path you want to take. In our meeting, we will have an honest conversation where we can begin to align your values to your goals.

Once our meeting concludes, you will take home a two page worksheet that will help you think about what you want your long-term goals to be and how they align with your life. 

Step 2

Our second appointment will be an in-person meeting where we will transition from the first meeting to a more in-depth discussion.

We will utilize “mind-maps” and talk about how to design life with your money. The mind map process will help you narrow down how to be more responsible with your money, alter your perspective on how to best invest your funds, and identify your bucket list. 

Step 3


 The third step of our process is all about you. Once we pass on the knowledge and tools to build a better financial future, we will implement.

We will have regular check-ins to ensure that the plan we develop together continues to align towards your life design.


Your life design and precious time are the center of our purpose.

 Financial & Tax Planning + Investment Management

Our specialty is financial planning. Each clients' vision, could include areas of: cash-flow efficiency strategies, estate planning, investment/retirement account management, planned giving, corporate talent retention and business management. Strategies are based upon your unique situation. It brings us joy to know that our clients embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and thrive after meeting with us. 

Client Center

Determining our true values is a process of thoughts, discovery, conversation and finally an agreed-upon strategy.

- Michael F. Kay

Contact Us

Happiness comes from happenings.

Please schedule an initial meeting with us today. Additionally, we are available for speaking engagements at hospitals, universities, and medical groups. We look forward to working with you to build you a better financial future.

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Nurture Financial Planning

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